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Our 2023/24 Program Dates are in progress

Come for a class trip at the farm - contact us about programs designed to suit your group


Discovery Programs 2024

Find curiosity and wonder in the outdoors!

Join us for a fun, active day of exploration and learning at Stoneridge Farm just north of St Marys. or around the pond in Harrington. Exciting discoveries are made through hands-on activities, up-close observation, constructing using natural materials, and imaginative play about animals and plants around the beautiful waterway and forest areas. The heritage barn or Grist Mill are the perfect places for quiet stories, art or craft activities. Meet new friends and reconnect with curiosity and wonder in the natural world.  

Discovery Program Costs 

Full Day Programs $55  - March Break Program (TBA)

Please pay full singe day costs or longer program fees by e-transfer to  to after submitting registration. Please indicate your child's full name, program and location on all payments.

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Summer Nature Camp 2023 

July 10 - 14 - Stoneridge Farm (9:30am - 3pm) *FULL

Nature Mentor -  Kendra (see The Team)


August 14-18 - Harrington (9:30am -3pm)  *FULL

Nature Mentor - Denise (see The Team)

Fun with friends reconnecting with nature

Summer nature camps are unique opportunities for children to have fun and meet new friends spending most of the day being active outdoors. Groups are kept small in size (8-10) with experienced teachers or outdoor educators directly facilitating each session. The supervision ratio is 1 adult: 5 children, providing ideal guidance and support.

Join us in our idyllic locations in the village of Harrington and at Stoneridge Farm to actively learn and explore in a diverse, yet safe natural setting. Exciting discoveries are made with ‘hands dirty’ exploration, up-close observation, building activities, and role-play of living things around the waterways. The day may include a visit to the library in Harrington, handling of farm animals at Stoneridge Farm, and netting crayfish in the pond or creek. The historic grist mill and heritage barn are perfect places for quiet stories, sketching or adding to our nature journals. Sharing our adventures ends the day and builds a sense of community and excitement for our next time together. 


9:30     Arrival at location, welcome & opening circle     

9:45     Active games

10:00   Snack

10:15    Morning discovery 

12:00    Lunch (outdoors)

12:30    Story. singing, quiet games

1:00      Afternoon discovery

2:30      Story of the Day - Stars & wishes

3:00      Closing song


Summer Nature Camp Program Costs 

Full Week $275

Please pay $50 deposit by e-transfer to after submitting registration. Please indicate your child's full name and program on all payments.

Summer Sessions
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