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Summer Weekly Sessions

Discovery Days

Ages 5 - 10


Discovery Programs 2022/23 

Thurs. Feb. 2, 2023  - Harrington  (9am - 3pm)

Friday May 5, 2023  - Harrington  (9am -3pm)

Friday June 9, 2023 - Stoneridge Farm (9am - 3pm)

March Break

Mon/Tues March 13/14, 2023 - Harrington (9am - 3pm)

Thurs/Fri March 16/17, 2023  - Stoneridge Farm (9am - 3pm)

Find curiosity and wonder in the outdoors!

Join us for a fun, active day of exploration and learning at Stoneridge Farm just north of St Marys. Exciting discoveries are made through hands-on activities, up-close observation, constructing using natural materials, and imaginative play about animals and plants around the beautiful trail, creek and forest areas. The heritage barn is the perfect place for quiet stories, art or craft activities. Meet new friends and reconnect with curiosity and wonder in the natural world.  

Discovery Day Costs 

Full Day Programs $55 

Acorns & Oaks next sessions costs TBA

Please indicate your child's full name and program on all payments


Summer Sessions 2023  Full week registration only


Connect your child with nature!

Coyote Nature School’s discovery sessions are unique opportunities for children to explore seasonal change and learn about the life cycles of our local plants and animals. Groups are kept small in size (8-10) with experienced Ontario certified teacher Kendra Martin directly facilitating each session. The supervision ratio is 1 adult: 5 children, providing ideal guidance and support.

Join us in our idyllic locations in the village of Harrington and at Stoneridge Farm to actively learn and explore in a diverse, yet safe natural setting. Children are welcomed and connect with staff to ensure everyone is feeling comfortable and dressed appropriately for the weather. Exciting discoveries are made with ‘hands dirty’ exploration, up-close observation, constructing activities, and role-play of living things around the waterway. The historic grist mill and heritage barn are perfect places for quiet stories, sketching or adding to our nature journals. Sharing our adventures ends the day and builds a sense of community and excitement for our next time together. 


9:00     Arrival at location, welcome     

9:15      Opening circle, story of the day

9:45     Walk and active game

10:00   Discovery learning program

11:15     Closing reflection and song

11:30     Pick up


Discovery Program Costs 

SUMMER  TBA  (Harrington or Stoneridge)

*Please indicate your child's full name and program on all payments