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2022 ~ Dedicated to YOU

It is with gratitude I recognize the brick by brick support that created Coyote Nature School. You are part of this construction project; critical and valued.

From conversations in the kitchen - how to get started, capture in words the true value of learning outdoors, set the visionary course. Thank you to friends who jumped on board and offered many volunteer hours to nurture this vision from fragile egg to full flight.

To the HACA group of community members who said yes to meetings, opened their minds to new uses for old places and handed over the keys to precious spaces - all for the children. For coming along with us and sharing your wealth of knowledge and skills. You opened your small hamlet up to the ringing voices of kids around the pond, dipping nets, hugging tree friends and library books. Harrington is happiness headquarters for us.

To property owners with big hearts, who see the value in kids learning on the land, trusting in others to be good caretakers and stewards. The old barn and gentle animals inspire respect, nurture caring, and bring great joy. Thank you!

To the parents who look at the world unfolding in scary ways and feel an urgency to give their child the gift of nature connection. Deciding to move against the tide takes courage.

To volunteers, who enter with tentative steps and now leap along leading the way to more enriching adventurers for the kids. We are better, stronger, and have much more fun together!

To family; my husband who just keeps saying ‘go for it’, creates trails, carries heavy logs, and listens to all the reasons not to cut down weeds. To my daughter who inspires through her big heart for the furry four-legged critters, and keeps me looking honestly at my efforts for what they really mean. To my mom, who knew me better than I know myself and reached out to inspire a new direction in education for her daughter. I feel so grateful for all of you!


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