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Discovering Nature Together!

Acorns & Oaks program is all about time spent outdoors between a child and an adult whether it’s mom or dad or grandma or aunt. At the same time, participants grow their nature literacy through hands-on activities. Today was the last day of this 8-week program and we still had so much to discover!

We have seen the horses in the field and petted noses over fences but today was pony time in the barn. Jester, Sable, Gus and Libby were all waiting to visit. We learned how to use a 'high five' hand to gentle pet noses. Sable's is the softest! Feeding a 'hay bouquet' is fun. Watching the horse's lips flap over some grassy stalks. How did it feel to feed the ponies, and which ones did you feed? Some of us left chalk pictures on the stall doors. It's so snug and peaceful in the barn.

Looking at the natural objects which have fallen to the ground, we used them to make a Nature Face. Sometimes it was easy to find something to use hair on a paper face however leaving your child to discover what to use as hair can take longer but that’s okay. What types of objects did you child use or find?

Gentle ‘one-finger-touches’ is a great way to introduce a new plant or animal. Today a Wooly Bear caterpillar was found in the barn and we all had a chance to look and even touch it. We found a nice warm spot under the leaves to release it.

Snack and storytime became a sharing time which is a wonderful thing to see when children are curious and want to share a connection. What did your child enjoy in the hayloft?

Out on the trails, we had a quick walk to Pine Haven and had some unstructured play and exploration time. What did you child like most about this space?

Happy Trails Acorns & Oaks till 2024!

From the Coyoted Nature School Team: Dragonfly, Coyote, Chickadee, Osprey, Raccoon!


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