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Earth Artists

When you look, really LOOK around you, everything turns into art materials. No need to wait for the teacher to crack open a marker box or mom to set out the paints, roll up your sleeves, carefully look, and GO, create! Today we celebrated the love for nature and ways we can creatively express how we care for our world and for each other.  What was this heart sharp made out of (Honey Locust seed pods)?  What was the word in the middle of the heart?  What will happen to this heart when spring comes? Our new mentor Heron will do anything to get that perfect picture!

There are different ways to celebrate and today Coyote started with reading a nature poem about love. Imagine a book that has one poem for each day of the year. How many is that? It was heavy!

During snack time, Daisy cracked open a brand new book called 'Animal Sidekicks' with facts about how animals depend on each other for their survival. What was one of pair of animals that she read about? And how did those animals depend on each other?

In the animal world, finding a lifelong animal partner can be hard.  A matching activity had our students looking for their 'lifelong' animal partner.  Once their mate was found, we linked our arms together and soon we were all dancing a “Do Si Do”.  What animal did your child have today? What is an interesting fact about that animal? Did you know that termites mate for life!

It was a fun pony recess this morning. How do animals show they love or care for each other?  Seeing the horses play together in the arena was a great way to see animal behaviour. What did your child notice?

There were other works of art in the forest today. At the willow hut, we stopped to see a heart shaped design with some small natural items tucked inside the middle of the heart. Do you remember what those small natural items were? Why were they special to Coyote? (acorn with cap, teeny tiny shell, bunny fur, and empty seed suitcase)

More heart shaped art was found at Pine Haven and also by Christmas Forest. Inspired by this land art and through studying the work of Andy Goldsworthy the kids became earth artists.

Using at least five types of natural objects the task was to create a design and come up with a name for their masterpiece. What natural objects did your child use and what did they call it?  Acorn thought frozen deer scat made perfect sand pebbles for his imaginary beach. So did soya beans! As we toured the natural art exhibit, we also found out the reason or inspiration for each design. We have left the art behind but can only imagine what the raccoons and deer will think of it tonight as they wander the trails at Stoneridge Farm.

Even at our fireside lunch we celebrated with each other by giving and receiving treats and Valentine's. Thanks to parents who sent along yummies for the group and those fun cards too! Lots of happy smiles at this lunch time....but you may see some leftover healthy food too.

Walking sticks are progressing, with some sanded down to a silky feel. We started on designs carved or burned into the wood. This takes time and practice. We had a stick crack which needed to be sawed off. Lots of great practice with tools all under the watchful eye of nature mentors helping the kids develop good safety habits and hone new skills.

Using natural items like burdock to make a heart; stamping with paints using half a walnut; or using sticks to make something useful like a basket were all ways of expressing creativity today. After some practice, a couple of baskets were made but there is something about the design that needs some work so it will stay together better. Falcon took some sticks home to find out if he can solve this problem.

At our closing we shared messages of caring; praise for cooperation, kindness, friendship and patience. Bundles of energy were ignited into joyful activity all day. As the sun sets here at the farm, we remember our caring day. Happy Valentine’s to All:). 


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