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First Day Flutter with the Herons

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

It was a new adventure with the Herons in Harrington; new place, new people, and some first day jitters too. We very quickly became a happy team - what a transformation! We played a “That’s Me” game to find our similarities, laughed through ‘hot chicken’, and found the way we flow with nature calls that tell us what to do. Gathering together in our chickadee circle we met our new adult guides, Dragonfly (Denise), Tamarack (Tammy), and Coyote (Kendra), and got to know the 'given' names of children in our group. See if your child remembers the action and names of all the Herons.

Ask your child about…

*What does the coyote call ask you to do?

*Owl hoot means we need to….

*When you hear the Blue Jay (Jay..Jay…Jay), what is happening?

*The crow call (Caw, Caw) tells us that…

We were so fast to figure out our chickadee circle and how to listen, that learning new things became easy! Onward along the Mill Pond Trail to Swan Lookout and into Mystery Forest where we met Grandmother Maple, the oldest tree in our forest area. We were explorers; collecting snail shells, feathers, pine cones, and noticing movement and hiding places for animals that live here.

Ask your child about…

*How old is Grandmother Maple?

*Show me using your palm, how you matched with your tree friend?

*Tell me 3 things you noticed about your tree friend? Do you know what species it is?

Library time tends to be a crowd favourite. Kathy Eastman the Harrington librarian is always ready to greet us with a story linked to our theme for the day, and often has a craft and information to take home. Today we enjoyed using colour and water spray to turn a coffee filter into a butterfly creation. It seemed that our library visit was the best part of many children’s day. Remember to fill in the application for your library card if you want your child to bring books home every Friday.

Onward to the Grist Mill for lunch in the beautiful heritage building that we are SO lucky to visit. Lunch was filled with conversation about all the amazing home gardens these children cherish, so much information about the bounty growing for great eating at home. This group has so much to share from rich learning at home!

We are fortunate to have community members willing to share their interests and talents. Today, Joan (Monarch) an amazing woman who has taken on the role of caretaker of the monarch butterfly, brought her habitat filled with caterpillars and chrysalis to our space on ‘Butterfly Hill'. There were lots of ‘wow’ faces when we saw so many caterpillars rolled up in little sleeping bags, glowing green with golden dots. Joan brought along lots of butterfly friendly plants to show the feast available in her own garden for these amazing creatures. Have a chat about the stages of the life cycle of the Monarch, and see what they can explain about each stage.

Now our group was ready to flutter, with so much energy on to Cedar Hideaway, a special spot tucked in tight with cedars along the pond. Cedar bark boats became the fascination for this moment. Ask you child about their time in this place, what did they add to their boat, where did it travel, and who showed up as a friendly visitor (Wooly Bear Caterpillar).

It was a magical day with such an inspiring group. Thank you parents, for sending your children so well prepared for success. Enjoy your conversations at home:)

Can't wait to see what magic arrives in this natural habitat around the pond.

Happy trails until next week Forest Friends!


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