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Harrington Pioneers

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

What a beautiful day to start Coyote Nature School adventures in Harrington. There were so many animal tracks to wonder about as we visited Mystery Forest and Swan Lookout. We figured out what types of critters might live here and made our own hideout home complete with Christmas tree and handmade decorations. We roleplayed the habits of the white-tailed deer and used our hooves to make a rut to mark our territory. So fun to watch the imaginations of these pioneers run wild!

Fueled with yummy snacks from our wonderful parents, we were ready to hike the trail and find our own Sugar Maple tree to tap. Learning how to drill a hole into the sapwood and tap in the spile in with a hammer was loads of fun. We were all excited to see the sap come dripping out! Our special spot in Cedar Hideaway around the log circle was a lovely place to eat lunch and make our own nature desserts.

We had a special celebration around the BIG snow table sharing the names for our nature creations and giving a toast to the gorgeous day with our nature cocktails.

Back at the Grist Mill sharing our favourite parts of the day on paper using tracing frames and colours will help us talk about all our learning when we get home. Listening to a story featuring many of the animals in our local area gave us ideas about names we would like to choose for our own nature name. The closing ceremony and adding this animal name to our nametag gives a reminder of the rich knowledge and new connections we have with nature.


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