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Happy Groundhog Day!

Today was Groundhog Day!  What happens on Groundhog Day?  What are some other animals that can predict the weather? Of course, today the focus was on the groundhog or woodchuck. We began our day with some sleding like a snow train, some building and some snowball catching. Some tongue twisters were shared and it was nice to hear and try them.  How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?  Throughout the day more variations on these were shared. You will have to ask your child about what they remember.

Some key words about groundhogs were found along the trail.  Were the cards easy or hard to find?  Everyone did a great job sounding out the words.  Try sounding them out again: CLAWS, HIBERNATE, WHISTLE, BURROW and KITS  How do these words connect back to a groundhog?  Puzzle pieces were also hidden along the trail. The puzzle team put the puzzle together with a little help and encouragement from the others.  What was the puzzle a picture of?

We are grateful for our time at the library.  Today, instead of Grey Squirrel Jane was helping check out books.  Grey Squirrel left some activity sheets and a book called “Groundhog Day” which Dragonfly read.  What does your child remember about the burrow of a groundhog?  Hint:It has more than one room.  Reading books side by side with our buddies.  Does your child like more reading or being read to by their buddy? How did you help your reading buddy today?  Thanks Jane for all your help at the library!

Cedar Hideaway, here we come!  On our way we looked at some maps just to make sure we were going in the right direction. Can you name one thing that should always be on a map?  Were you able to find Cedar Hideaway on the map? Thanks to Larch for making these maps.

It was a highlight for many to go to Cedar Hideaway.  There were games, fishing, building and camouflage.  Camouflage was fun.  Firefly did an exceptional job with camouflaging.  In one round, there was a Coyote and the rest of the hiders were groundhogs.  Hawk suggested the game be played again but in an area with more underbrush.  A great connection for seeing the habitat and what would help animals to survive.

During some wander time today, there is so much creativity and struggles at times.  Tree climbing, fox stalking, story telling, fishing, building, making and the list goes on.  A few observations on having fun during wander time.  For one, it begins with communicating with each other and remembering to share and be kind to each other.  Learning that asking questions, as well as, listening is important.  The word compromise came up today.  What does compromise mean to your child?

Whittling continued today.  The walking sticks are looking more like walking sticks.  In smaller groups, we can supervise the children using the peelers or knives on the stick.

The process continues next week.  They are working so hard and I can’t wait to see the finished product.  Is there anything about whittling that they need to work on?

Writing in our journals today was about the theme of woodpeckers.  Going back one week in our minds, we were able to think of some interesting facts to write down.  Monarch was quick to remember today’s date and write some facts in her journal.  What kind of facts about woodpeckers does your child remember?  While journaling the students are encouraged to also draw something that connects to the fact so it is a mix of drawing and writing.

Thanks to Raccoon and Tamarack for helping to make this a truly great Groundhog Day! Heh everyone, the groundhogs all say it will be an early spring!  What do you think about that?


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