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In The Spirit

Capturing the illusive true spirit of the season comes easily on a walk in the woods with a pack of cheerful children. Their steps positively jingled on the gratitude scavenger hunt visiting all the favourite places in Harrington. At the mill we found things we loved to look at like the old stove, glass pane with signatures of visitors long past, and a giant saw blade as tall as Raccoon. The urge to walk through icy puddles and find the highest vantage point swept the kids up, and took them into looping play where we could only watch and wonder. Ask about this scavenger hunt, what items were on it, what natural gift did they find to give to a secret Santa friend.

The stony shoreline of Cedar Hideaway is where this group loves to hang out. Imaginary fishing, building innukshuk, and having a cattail hotdog cookout were on the menu today. Talk about some things your child enjoyed during wander time. Who did they join with in this adventure.

Mrs. Eastman is always kind but today she was EXTRA warm, sharing the library along with her space heater while we awaited the arrival of propane. It felt like a campout, snuggling up in coats listening to her special story. Have a chat about the small Christmas tree in our story today, and the craft that made our own little tree pop out. Lunch in the library around the little table was fun, and of course we got more book browsing time in. Thank you Mrs. Eastman for a wonderful 2022 year of library programs for nature schoolers.

Off to Mystery Forest for a chance to give our tree friends a makeover for the holidays. See what your child choose to decorate with and ask about the projects to feed our winter survivors.

Our fall session ends with autographs in journals and an amazing handmade gift from Tamarack. I'm not sure how she does it, but Tammy is one of those talented souls who seriously understates their artistic skills. She is just amazing!

BIG Raccoon was along to capture our afternoon in photos. This is a solid gold team and we all are completely impressed with your children. We must say so long to our forest friends Fox and Snake, and we look forward to welcoming a couple new adventurers when we return in January. See you around the woodland campfire in 2023 Forest Friends:)


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