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New life, a lesson in caring.

We have a very dedicated Killdeer pair who decided that nesting on horse manure in a pasture was a safe place to raise their young. After over a month of careful egg tending, and horses being kept at bay, these speckled beauties, long ago thought to be duds, hatched! We were able to see these chicks at only a few hours old yesterday, and miraculously today, they have already left the nest and are scampering around after bugs. A lesson in early independence and parental perseverance.

We admired many of the living creatures on the farm and tried to be good caretakers. Making 'oatmeal fruit balls' for the chicken flock was just one example.

Really not that delicious for humans...

But our old free range hen ate them up.

Horses teach us about looking for cues in body language and finding a way to guide such a large animals safely. We learned leading, some of the tack, and even had one brave soul mucking a stall!

There is a special bond between children and horses that is undeniable.

And lots of fun too...

The hayloft is a magical place! We have a new straw fort ready to play in tomorrow.

New life, and lots of lessons in life here at the farm. Happy trails until tomorrow Forest Friends.


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