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Trails of Snails

A little rain didn’t stop our Acorns and Oaks from getting out on the trails today. The gardens didn’t need watering, so we had a few nibbles at the sensory garden to see what different plants tasted like. How do butterflies taste?

It was time for a little visit with the horses (especially for those who missed the opportunity last week). We made a special recipe treat for the horses. What did we put in the bucket? How did the horses feel today?

In the barn, various activities were set up to encourage unstructured play. Binoculars were made by a few using toilet paper rolls. Even though they are paper they still help focus attention on objects like birds or butterflies. Dragonfly read the book “Roxy the Butterfly” by Frances Rodgers. What is one way to help butterflies?

There were so many snails on the trails today. Butterflies were probably resting in a log pile somewhere waiting for things to dry up a bit before they would start flying. We walked down the slippy, drippy trail for one last visit to Pine Haven. Did you notice the fresh smells of Pine Haven today?

Walking on a trail and looking around at the same time can be difficult for anyone. Many of the Acorns made some excellent progress for both following trails and looking for the special things set out on the trail. Soon other living things will catch their eye and hopefully they will be curious. Encourage their curiosity and ask questions about what things look, smell, sound, taste or feel like.

Today was our last meeting of the spring session! A special thanks to Chickadee (Gail) for all her help! Thanks also to Raccoon (Gord) the photographer today. Our days out on the trails at Stoneridge Farm have left me with a lot of wonderful memories.

The little Acorns: Carson, Isabella, James, Myles, Noah, Scarlet, Maggie and missing today Nora, Caiden, Scarlet and Vic. I have seen you come out of your shells, splash in the puddles, shine like the sun and connect with nature in your own way. Hope to see you next fall at the farm Forest Friends:)


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