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Adult Programs

Mentorship, Workshops

Professional Development


Outdoor Learning Mentorship

Public or Home School Based

Kendra Martin coaches teachers in approaches to lesson planning, design of multidisciplinary curriculum-based lessons using seasonal change and structuring activities to engage all students productively in outdoor environments. Educators will be provided 1:1 or small group mentoring at their school to build confidence and next steps to take the learning outdoors.


This mentorship will help teachers to…


  • Incorporate daily core routines which build literacy and connection with the natural world

  • Establish a culture of inquiry using nature as the ‘second teacher’

  • Feel more prepared with practical strategies for teaching outdoors 

  • Create a nature inclusive classroom 

  • Foster resilience and gratitude in students through an ongoing relationship with nature


Taking the Learning Outdoors

Intensive Two-Day Workshop

This two day workshop is designed for teachers and other educators. It will provide ‘hands on’ experience and mentoring in the following:


Nature Literacy: Growing Your Knowledge Base

Discover the core routines of nature awareness which can be blended into your daily program. Learn how to use the concepts of flow learning to create successful, meaningful experiences in the outdoor classroom. Participate as a learner in lessons outdoors which build your nature literacy and open your eyes to new ways of tailoring experiences to meet the needs of your students.   

Nature As The Second Teacher: Bringing Curriculum Alive

Build a foundation for your program using a multidisciplinary approach to inquiry based learning in the outdoors. Discover how learning skills and curriculum outcomes are perfect companions in the nature based classroom. Create strong, inclusive bonds, ignite ideas and creative problem solving amongst your students using the most open ended resource, nature. Learn about the possible features of a nature focused classroom to compliment your outdoor program.


Bring nature awareness into your everyday practice to enrich student learning.


Schoolyard Mapping & Design

Let’s take a walk around your schoolyard or nearby natural spaces and map out areas which can provide rich learning opportunities for the whole school. Together we will create a map, outlining learning pockets with place names and possible uses for each area. This can be shared with your student body and their families. Your school will grow their learning footprint while optimizing use of all outdoor spaces.

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