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“Children must know and appreciate what’s in their own backyard to recognize the value of nature in a world they will have a hand in shaping.”

Kendra Martin

Kendra K. Martin | Biography-B.P.E, B.Ed. M.Ed.   

A teacher, mentor, facilitator and mother - Kendra Martin envisions a world where children are free to express their curiosity as they connect deeply with the natural world. 


Kendra is an Ontario certified teacher holding a Masters of Education Degree in Educational Leadership with over 30 years experience working within classrooms, environmental education centres and therapeutic recreation settings. Kendra's unique approach to education has earned local recognition through Avon Maitland District School Board, and national awards for outstanding teaching through such organizations as the Canadian Network For Environmental Education.


A strong advocate for nature education in public schools, Kendra created the Little Falls Forest School in 2013, a unique program model and offered mentorship to teachers wanting to take student lessons outdoors. Using a heart, head, hands approach (Child and Nature Alliance) in her work with children, she values meeting individual needs as well as understanding the critical value of building strong group ties to the land and sense of community belonging.

Kendra brings together a diverse professional background including youth support worker, therapeutic riding centre director, and international youth exchange program director. Most recently, Kendra designed workshops providing school and nature education leaders with a framework for nature programming and support to get started. Further to this, she has been invited to speak at webinars and share her Forest School leadership experience in educational magazines such as Green Teacher (see links right). 


In 2022, Kendra completed a year long nature education program through Forest School Canada and is now a certificated Forest School Practitioner. Coyote Nature School which opened in March 2022 is the culmination of Kendra's vision to reconnect children in nature, and foster a commitment to caring and stewardship of the natural world. 

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