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A Fun Fall Day at the Farm!

The fall colours are on display at Stoneridge Farm! A longer hike was planned for today so we could explore what lives in the stream before it gets too cold. Hiking on the wet and muddy ground can be tricky so we took our time and walked with care and sometimes the 'Acorns' got some help from an adult.

At Pine Haven, we wandered amongst the trees and grasses. Swung in the hammock and climbed on the tunnel. What does your child like about this space? Have you noticed a change in how your child interacts with this space? The story today was Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? By B. Martin Jr and E. Carle which is a rhyming book including North American animals.

Finding critters in the water can be hard. Those water critters move fast and they are hard to see. Today with nets, sieves and scoops we were able to find some critters. What were some of the critters found living in the water? Why did we put the critters back into the water at the end?

Tree Friends is the WOW Activity for CNS this week. Check out the Facebook posting for step by step instructions. A great activity for the whole family!

Thank you to Osprey for her support and taking pictures today!


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