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Outdoor Art and Discovery!

It looked like a busy hive of activity today at Stoneridge Farm. There were visits with Rosie (the dog) and searching for wildlife and dinosaurs in the forest, looking at bird nests and  identification sheets and mixing it up in the mud kitchen.

Springtime is a time for new life and babies being born. Going along the trail today, we were looking for the paper cut-out of the parent or mom to our baby animals. Sometimes the babies look like their parents and sometimes they don’t. What animal did your child have? Were they able to find the right match? Can they make that animal’s call or walk like that animal?

Nature activities continued at Pine Haven. What did your child like most about the time in the forest today? There was the tunnel and the loud sounds that it echoed to our ears. Time beside the water, throwing rocks into the water, listening and mixing mud paint. 

A tool we made is a nature paint brush (paint can easily be made if there is a mud puddle). Find a small stick that will fit nicely into your child’s hand then find some natural items that will be used as part of the brush. You can hold the items on the stick with a twist tie, cord, string or elastic. Let your child discover painting en plein air and they will show you what kind of masterpiece they can create!  Tip: now you can use that work of art for a Mother’s Day Card!


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