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All the colours of the rainbow!

Updated: May 16

If you look around Harrington or where you live, you will likely find all the colours of the rainbow. The easiest colour to find today was yellow or was it green or brown?

Some flowers we collected, we used as an art project. Making animal faces or vases and poking the flowers through the holes.

There were some ‘fake’ flowers that Ladybug and Heron hid around. What colours were those flowers? Was it easy to find a yellow flower?  

Making ‘mud cookies’ was the goal today but there were just too many chefs in the outdoor kitchen. Flowers were used for cooking too. There were muffins, pancakes, soup and a few cookies. What did your child make? Was creating with mud something you might try at home?

Besides flowers, there was a leopard frog that was found and when safely in its container it was shared so that the others could see.  It was good to see sharing and kindness among the kids today.


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