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A Turtleific Tuesday

Another adventure begins for a new group of children ages 4-7 at Harrington Conservation Area with Nature Mentor Dragonfly. Today we focused on getting to know each other through games and play. We walked some trails to visit special spots and we even named our very own spot “Chipmunk Lookout”. We also spent some time just talking about turtles because we are all a part of the new Turtles Program with Coyote Nature School in beautiful Harrington.

Does your child remember the name of a new friend from today? Perhaps they need to look at some of the faces in the pictures?

Ask your child about why we named our special spot “Chipmunk Lookout”? We had quite a few names suggested for this special spot and we all voted to make this the name we remember. Today we visited lots of new places. Take a look together and see if your child can tell you more!

Exploring was fun! We found all kinds of bugs, slugs and snails living under logs and bark today. Lucas discovered that ladybugs have “fly wings”. If you take some time to watch, you just might notice the soft, flexible brown coloured wings that the ladybug tucks up under the harder red coloured part of its body.

We also spent some time in the Mud Kitchen baking up some “banana bread”. Did your child use the square or the rectangle pan to make the bread? So many natural ingredients were used. What ingredients did your child use to make the bread? Unfortunately, there weren’t any leftovers to send home!

We travel in a line when we travel down the road to the Mill. When Dragonfly calls out these two words, we know it is time to make the line. What are those two words? We took turns in different orders in the line so we can follow different people when we walk together.

Let's find out more about the rich learning today. What do turtles have? We came up with a list including some of the special features of turtles.

We can pretend to be turtles and hide in their shells. Although, not all turtles have a big enough shell to hide in. It was fun to sing and pretend to be a turtle. Outside we built turtle nests with some sticks then we played a game with turtle eggs. Ask for the full story.

We discovered different kinds of turtles have different looking shells. We coloured our own turtle shells with our very own designs.

What a Turtlerific Day? Thank you Betty (BlueBird), Kendra (Coyote) and Gord (Raccoon) for all your help today. Can’t wait till next week! Happy trails Forest Friends!


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