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Singing in the Rain

A little drizzle this morning didn’t stop us from getting outside. Singing is just one of the things we did outside today. 

 Walking down the trail and running down a hill and splashing in the puddles are all ways to stay active when outside in the light rain.

Storytime was in the Harrington Grist Mill today and we read the book “Have you seen birds?” by Joanne Oppenheim. Even before we started the story, everyone agreed that we ALL have seen birds. It was interesting to think about the different seasons and the different places that birds live. We can see birds everywhere we go!

In the rain, we can explore. We looked for the wooden robin birds and the wooden owls.  What colours were the birds? How many did we find? 

We can play and discover along the trails. Using the clothes pegs as our bird beaks we tried to pick up some brown-coloured nature materials that could be used to make a nest. What did your child pick up? Were they able to use the clothes pegs both to pick up and to drop the materials into the basket? We left the nest in a tree for the birds. Fingers-crossed that a pair of nesting birds will use it. Maybe a Mourning Dove will use it?

The worms were hard to find today. We tried to make some Wiggle Worm Stew and then we tried the Worm Dance to trick the worms to come up out of the dirt. There was one tiny worm we were able to collect before it was time to leave. Of course everything we collected today, we left behind to find another day.

Until next week, Happy Trails! Dragonfly and Ladybug


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