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Beachballs, Bubbles & Boats

It's is hard to fit in all the things you really want to do AND the things you want to do AGAIN all on your last day. Today, we visited many of the specially named locations at Harrington Conservation Area, hiked and explored. Thanks so much to Badger (Laynee) for her help guiding the Turtles on the trails! Along the way, we made some discoveries. What did your child discover today?

What floats? Everyone tested some things found around the house and some things found in nature. The Turtles made some really good guesses about what would float. One object which surprised everyone was the floating squash. Boats made from sticks with grass used to tie it all together were also tested. What objects were able to float and what objects did not float?

Beach balls and bubbles were great activities to do on this warm breezy day. Big bubbles and small bubbles and even turtle bubbles (bubbles from a turtle wand). Catching and popping the bubbles was fun to do. Beach balls were used as volleyballs over the net.

We walked all the way to Cedar Hideaway to float the boats on the pond. We threw them into the pond and watched them float slowly towards the rocks. The geese who also live at the pond left us a trail to follow. What kind of things did the geese leave behind for us to find?

Spending time talking and eating and crafting together inside Harrington Hall kept us cooler and out of the sun. What did your child feel during this time? For me it was lovely to share in these activities and help support your child’s social development. Happy summer! Hope to see you on the trails around the Mill Pond in Harrington soon!


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