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Cheers To New Horizons

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

The Chickadees in Harrington? Not their usual territory, but a fun, adventurous end of winter field trip to this beautiful hamlet. There will be lots to talk about around your table as you raise a glass to new horizons. Your cocktail or dessert may have a name like nature smoothie, winter snowstorm, or wild buffet. See if your child can walk you through their special recipe and ingredients used in its creation.

A new map of Harrington this time highlights the cool landmarks which create a sense of community and connection with the mill pond. Our morning stop at Grandmother Maple always makes us look up, way up. How old is this amazing maple tree and how did we find out?

Wandering in Mystery Forest might take you across Root Highway, over Log Jump or past Tree Tent. Check in about what happened in your child’s ramblings here. A perfect story to help appreciate that forests are actively talking to one another was our read aloud at snack time today. A recoommended read by your child to a younger sibling to share how trees talk in the living world.

What’s an initiative task? See what answer you get to this query. We definitely showed initiative in our two activities after lunch. Both had a specific goal which required the full team to complete. Ask about Bear Claw and Rushing River. What was your group trying to achieve? How did you do it? What did it feel like when you succeeded?

The west side of the pond has some places to explore. See if you can get a tour over Waterfall bridge, up Sunrise Hill, across Butterfly Hill and to our destination, Cedar Hideaway. We were a major construction crew here, along with fishing, starting a rock collection, and some interesting roleplay. We made a quick push back to the mill as the snowstorm hit. What a way to welcome spring!

Our final creation using nature materials sparks curiosity and is a sensory voyage into the natural world. Soil, bark, cones, leaves, dried flowers, herbs, and so much more were pounded, cut, or twirled into our celebration delight. It all was better with a sing along:)

A toast to our Chickadee of winter 2023…

You are wonder-filled explorers, with top notch ideas and sparkling energy. It was an awesome session with winter hardy kids! We'll make the leap into spring with a few new friends along.

Thanks to River who is studying to become a teacher and LOVES environmental education. She was a great help today and was loads of fun to have along!

Happy snowy trails until April 12th Forest Friends:)


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