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Doing is Believing!

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Summer around the pond and in the forest is magical! Here is our very first day of the Discovery Program where kids get time to wander and wonder in this beautiful place.

Talk to your child about their butterfly kaleidoscope (group) and how they evade predators. Who might be looking for a colourful butterfly snack?

Being a vixen (female fox) means using skills of silent walking to find food for her pups. Using this strategy heightens our awareness of life in the forest for many of the hidden animals close by.

Mystery Forest is an awesome place to build structures together. We have some very creative thinkers and BIG imaginations! Holes in trees become food larders, grape vines Christmas lights, pine cones and nuts on wood food plates and secret exits in case of danger.

Signs of deer are everywhere in the forest, so we added our own. Ask your child about the way bucks mark their territory, the unique track of the deer, and how deer travel in a group.

Unexpected visitors are always welcome.

We already have lots of memories to share. Talking about new learning helps kids consolidate knowledge and build connections we can build on next time. Great first day Forest Friends!


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