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Little Seeds

"Soil shows me how to support those around me. I care for tiny seeds until the roots are strong and their leaves reach for the sky. Good things can grow from me." These words are quoted from today’s storybook "From Tree to Sea" by Shelley Moore Thomas.

Putting together all the ingredients to make an Earth Seed Ball. Seeds like dill, coneflower, clover and milkweed are all great flowering plants for butterflies.  Pick your seeds then add some soil and water and pack it together in a ball.  You can plant your Earth Seed Ball by throwing it into the grass.

Using our eyes, we looked for cardboard shapes along the trail and we collected one special shape with our hands.  What special shape did your child pick?  Did you find another friend with the same shape? 

A circle is round. Blue circles were painted using packing foam or corks with only blue and green paint. This way the blue circle looks like the planet Earth as viewed from outer space and you can also take it home.

Some interesting things were collected today. Snails, slugs, caterpillar, pine cones and goldenrod galls to name a few.  Lots of fun looking and discovering! What fascinated your child today?

Happy Trails!  Dragonfly, Heron, and Ladybug 


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