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Messy, wet, nappy:

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

We are making BIG leaps in the Acorns & Oaks program! Great to have our group together today.

Time to explore more places and try new activities on the farm. So much learning happens through matching, finding, looking closely, and just having fun outdoors. Ask your little adventurer if they can recall a few of nature’s gifts found in the garden today (nest, seeds, nut, flower, tree), then take a walk and look for these out in the bigger world. This is how we grow our nature literacy skills.

We love our favourite spot where the stump with the pockets is. We listen to the creek and our new book, “Wild Beings”, which mirrors our wild selves when we are given freedom and open spaces to roam. We may think of a ‘wild child’ as one having a meltdown in the store aisle, but at nature school it is a child using keen eyes to spot small critters like the bubble bugs, buzzing like a bee along the grass paths, or splashing big rocks in the waterway.

Nice to visit the animals around the farm. Jester and Libby love getting brushed and fussed over.

Lucky the hens are cooperating with eggs to collect for everyone.

It's so much fun to splash in the creek, look for crayfish and water striders, use sponges to move water, and balance across rocks. We know this is an exciting time for baby animals on land and in the water. Finding a tiny crayfish reminds us of the little lives which share this waterway.

Making bird feeders with peanut butter and seeds is our way to show we care about the birds. Sometimes the peanut butter goes in our mouth instead of on the feeder::). Messy but fun, and all feel proud to hang up their feeder on a tall cedar tree. Hoping to see lots of birds visit soon.

Thanks to Gail for coming out to help us again today. We are looking forward to some new adventures together next week with our forest friends.


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