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Sing Along Spring

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Bird song, wind gust, and the musical melody of child chatter are some sounds of our first day at Chickadee spring session. The energy was high and our three newest group members added their own unique personality to our mix. Can’t wait to have Raccoon and Alarik join next week.

First up we hopped along the new Blooming Trail (thanks Chickadee). What bird pictures did we find and what can you recall about some of these wild creatures.

Our story today at snack time brought a wealth of fascinating facts about nests for a diverse range of animals. We didn't finish this book, so if you find it at your local library you'll enjoy delving in. It's called 'A Nest Is Noisy'. We also use posters and charts to help with identifying and connecting information at nature school.

Right now birds are super busy looking for??? Birds are working hard right now trying to find materials to make a sturdy and cozy nest. We decided that we could lend a helping hand and collect natural materials that birds need right now. What did we add to our community bucket?

We visited some places new and old, where lots of spring cleaning (snow melt, early flowers) had taken place. Ask for a tour of where we traveled and what new things have been added. HINT: willow is bendable and grows quickly. Did you climb a tree, chill in the hammock, search for crayfish, or hang at Raspberry Hill? Look over these pictures and see if place names and experiences can be brought out in your conversation. Next time we just need more time to wander in what place? (Backwoods)

We love to look up close to see more detail. Our mini-microscopes show 40 times magnification and we think our new monocular is pretty cool for distance viewing. What things did you look at today? So much curiousity with this bunch!

Tree friends are always happy when we visit. So much change has happened. Ask about your child’s tree friend and what they noticed was new and exciting. Do they expect to see anything different about their tree next week?

Ask about some materials that birds like to use from nature in nest construction? What about odd human made things we sometimes find in nests?

Now, what is a nest grab bag and what things are not good to put in? What things might be harmful to birds? (dental floss, laundry lint, plastics)?

Our nature journal is the place we record our focus for the day. Always ask for a guided tour of your child's journal.

Visits to some spots around the farm may be highlights. The hayloft, cuddles with the ponies, feeding the chickens, and play time with our dogs and Elmo may be what your child tells first. There may also be some interesting finds to tell you about too!

We loved having Mourning Dove (Molly) and Raccoon (Gord) along with us today. Thanks for adding your caring individual support Dove, and a gigantic hip, hip, hooray for how Raccoon captures our amazing moments to help us share this adventure.

Happy trails until next week Forest Friends:)


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