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Spendid Autumn Day!

Our Acorns were certainly loving the sunny, crisp weather as we went on a harvest adventure. Time to pull up some yummy carrots from the garden and eat them as we wander. Some got to the scrubbing in the bucket part, some went straight from the soil into mouths.

The corn has been harvested as well and there was just enough to fill our bushel basket.

The ponies greeted us at the fence and enjoyed some carrots and corn. We noticed Jester is the boss and sent the others running away. A bit of a food hog that pony! It was fun and challenging to walk in the corn rows and tractor ruts, but our little Acorns were up for it.

Snack goes well with a story, and today we shared Leaf Man by Lois Elhert.a creative tale of leaves turned in to geese, cows, and even fish. Leaf Man must go where the wind blows. Gathering materials from around the log circle was fun to add to our own Leaf Man, of sorts:).

We all rolled up our sleeves for the next activity. The corn we gathered was pounded down using mortar and pestles into a chowdery mash for the chickens. This crew seems to have some cooking experience! They peeled the corn husks, striped corn off cobs and made this creation with some help from patient Oaks. The chickens appreciated these efforts, pecking away until it was all gone.

We always love to get in the water and look for crayfish and other swimmers in the little creek. A bounty of eight crayfish was found with only two soakers in the process. We have some keen observers in our Oaks who spied Mayfly nymphs. Mayfly nymphs are the immature aquatic stage of mayflies. These funny looking creatures have a more flattened head and feathery gills on the sides of their abdomen which they use to breathe.

A final climb up and slide down the Pine Grove hill got all feet moving. This cool space has a squishy bed of pine needles, like deep snow, bringing up the fresh scent of pine needles with every slide.

Some time with our lab pups added that soft touch. What a joyful day for our Acorns & Oaks.

Have a happy Thanksgiving:) See you next visit on October 17th Forest Friends.


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