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Wanderings at Stoneridge!

We gathered at Stoneridge to talk about birds. When it comes to planning an outing with young ones, it is important to remain flexible. Just getting outside is the most important thing and anything else you can do or teach while outside is an added bonus.

The birds did put on a show for us today! They sang for us and we heard them with our ears. We saw them at the feeder and we saw them flying in the distance. I think everyone can say “I saw a bird today”. Looking for wooden yet colourful birds along the trail was hard at times and sometimes it surprised us.

Birds eat a lot of different things and today we had a look on the ground and in the grasses for things birds might eat. What kind of creatures did your child see today? 

When we find things in nature, we need to be careful as some things are poisonous or pokey and some things are very breakable. Using a “one finger touch” is one way to start introducing touching creatures in a gentle way. Did your child touch the slimy snail body or the hard shell?

Introducing new tools like clothes pegs strengthens the hand and improves hand-eye coordination. How did we use clothes pegs today? We used them like bird beaks. Can you think of another way of using them?

Did you notice today that the one puddle was dried up but still muddy today?  Walking on uneven surfaces and up and down hills is great for working on balance.  Don’t be afraid of a little mud, it will all come out in the wash!

Till next week, Happy Trails!


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