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Webs and Wonders

Today I could see a natural rhythm beginning to flow in the way we get together every week and amongst the Acorns & Oaks themselves. Whether walking the backyard forest trail or playing in the open space or making something in the new Mud Kitchen at Stoneridge Farm. What kind of activities captured your child’s attention today?

Spiders live everywhere and they might seem creepy. Our book today called “Weaving Wonders: Spiders in your Backyard” by Nancy Loewen talked about the wonders of spiders. When we learn more about creepy things we may find we really don’t need to be scared of them at all. Does your child remember how many legs a spider has?

Although we didn’t have a lot of wind today, we sang a song about ‘blowing in the wind’. Baby spiders called spiderlings move with the wind by releasing a thread of silk which catches the breeze like a balloon. What else moves with the wind? Hint: remember in the arena when we blew and popped bubbles.

It wasn’t hard to find spiderwebs in the hayloft. There was climbing and jumping on the hay. Finding and hiding the glow stick and even sitting with family.

Outside on the trails, we noticed that our wonderful oak tree which we pass by every week had finally dropped some leaves. What colour were the oak leaves? We also went inside the living willow dome and decorated it with some of the colourful leaves we found.

Keep the rhythm going and continue to get outside as much as you can even if it is only for a short amount of time.

Thank you to Chickadee for her support and taking the pictures today!


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