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A Toast To Winter's End

Updated: Mar 8

Time for a toast to the Herons of Harrington for a spectacular winter together. The last day of winter session began with a rousing game of Black Bird Ball or BBB. This game was the inspiration of our own Larch, with rules which everyone agreed to. This resulted in a fast-paced, active cooperative game. Here's a brief synopsis but you will have to ask your child the details.  

The goal is to get the 'egg' (ball) to the 'nest' which is at each end of the play area. If you get tagged when running with the 'egg' you must immediately drop the ball and someone else can now pick it up. The male team of Blackbirds were able to more 'eggs' in the 'nest'.

Exploration was the theme for today and there was an overwhelming majority who voted for Cedar Hideaway as a place they wanted to explore. Before we were off, we took a few notes of what we noticed outside the Hall. There were so many birds. Red-winged blackbirds, grackles, woodpeckers and robins. 

We checked out our map, noticing our favourite spots. Along the route were sticks with fungus on them, colourful rocks ( including agates), a dead crayfish, water striders, turkey vultures and fossils.

What was the ticket to get through to Cedar Hideaway today?

There are quite a few children who like to be creative chefs in the mud kitchen. The kitchen was so busy today with Fluff Puff Chowder, banana nut bread, chocolate smoothies and more.  Some were drawn to the mud flats which we know can suck a boot right off (right Owl:).

Grey Squirrel had a bird hunt to end our day. She hopes you will visit Harrington and stop in to say hello at the library during our break.

We hope you enjoy using your journey stick on future nature hikes. Maybe crafting these from found branches will inspire you to create other cool things using wood. Larch gave us a great show of his handmade bow. We are excited to welcome Larch back in a junior mentor role this spring.

Although it was an early closing, we packed so much fun and comradery into each moment. This community of children and adults really has a special affinity and care deeply about each other. We welcome back our friend Wolf from her travels like the birds we studied today. We are so grateful to have this amazing mentor team; Dragonfly whose knowledge and creativity we count on each week, Tamarack & Racoon who simply love the kids and want to share their passion for nature, and Heron who adds her energy and SPEED in game play. We will miss all of your children. Wishing you a wonderful break and happy return to life around the pond on April 5th.

May the Nature Spirit make the sun rise in our hearts, with this our season together has ended.


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