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Be Like a Tree!

"Trees show me how to stand tall even when the wind tries to blow me down. I dance with the breeze. I do not fall." Resilient words from the book "From Tree to Sea" by Shelley Moore Thomas.

Welcome to our second morning at Stoneridge Farm! It was good to see everyone's smiling faces!

Today we took some time to look for shapes in nature. We found shapes along the trail and then we matched it to someone else's shape. Nature is full of different shapes. The Earth is a circle shape and we painted paper circles to look like the Earth. The tube in Pine Haven also looks like a circle from one end. What shape are the stumps at Pine Haven?

To help the Earth and pollinators like bees, we made a very special recipe today to make Earth Seed Balls. Can you remember the ingredients? Dirt, seeds and water. It was fun to make Earth Seed Balls with our hands! A few seeds balls were even planted at the farm. I can't wait to see what grows!

What did you see that is as tall as a tree? Horses! Meet Gus our big, old draft horse who is a gentle giant. First reactions for children and large animals might be fear, so we take time to learn about quiet voices, patting with a 'high five' hand and getting at their eye level. Ask your child which horse is their favourite and what colour they are - Sable/brown, Libby/black, Gus/black, Jester/white or blond. When we give kids time to adjust and trust, even big tree sized horses can be their BFF:)

This was definitely a day to remember! Happy Earth Day! Coyote, Dragonfly and Chickadee


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