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Exploring at Stoneridge Farm

Acorns & Oaks began at Stoneridge Farm today and our theme was “exploring outdoors’.  What do you need to get started?  Packing a few things in a backpack like a first aid kit, water, snack, raincoat, sunscreen/bug spray, magnifying glass, small container/bag are all you really need to get started. Scavenger hunts are a fun way to start looking for things in nature. 

Explorers of the Wild was a perfect read aloud for Storytime today.  Songs mixed with activities will help you and your child begin interacting with each other and nature. 

Today’s extra ‘tool’ to bring along on a walk outdoors is an empty egg carton or ice cube tray.  Egg cartons can be labeled and decorated to create nature treasure hunts, as well as, introduce new vocabulary to your young one.  Try introducing an egg carton treasure box at home this week!

Chickadee, Dragonfly and Coyote look forward to seeing everyone again next week at the farm!

Happy Trails!


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