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Fostering Curiosity

Without curiosity it would be hard to learn and explore. The children attending the Acorns and Oaks Program at Harrington Conservation Area are definitely curious about the world around them.

Whether through walking, standing or sitting there are moments to see, feel and hear nature and be curious.

Making our ears like deer ears will help us hear better. What kind of noises did your child hear?

A magnifying glass like those on the bug catchers are helpful for seeing things better. Some of the bugs today were so tiny. What did your child see today? The things in nature have different textures and sometimes move. So touching things in nature can take a little longer, especially as we try to share about things that shouldn't be touched by little hands.

Stories, songs and games are all great ideas for keeping things interesting while outside. Before you know it an hour and a half has passed by and then we reach the end of the spring session! Unbelievable! Thanks to Heron and Ladybug for all their help as Nature Mentors! Thanks to the families for supporting your child(ren)'s natural curiosity by participating in this weekly program! See you on the trails! Dragonfly


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