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I Love You Mother Nature

It’s not goodbye but so long for now. We release you to walk gently in the forest of summer, listen to the leaves talking and shower your love on living things. It has been a year of learning through connection. Our tree friends, the pond animals, sun and soil have been our smartboard of new knowledge. This time has taught us that all things are connected and we find our way knowing that we fit into this web of life in a special place.

Knowledge of place within the long history of human habitation is critical to our understanding of who we are. Today we were blessed to have an Patsy Day come visit us to share about Turtle Island and her people’s creation story of Sky Woman. Ask about how Sky Woman asked turtle to hold her goose and what happened when she wanted to plant for her next harvest. What is the planting dance that is a celebration of starting a new crop?

This is the time of the strawberry, and your child created a booklet to celebrate this ‘heart’ fruit. Enjoy reading the words in this booklet and speaking the word that means strawberry.

Your child received a gift of a turkey feather from Patsy to remember this time and fly onward from nature school into a new season.

We recognized each child’s excellent achievement with a Coyote Nature School Certificate. We hope your child will want to display this at home as a reminder of their growth in knowledge, skills and stewardship for Nature.

They may want to share their autograph page, from all their Heron friends, each choosing to add a picture, stamp or sticker. Tamarack also received a gift, and she seemed pretty happy with it! This summer your child can use their nature journal to add entries about adventures with family and friends. They can bring it back next year or choose to start a new journal.

We all enjoyed the peaceful rhythm of our final day of spring session. A trip to a new place, library time, and setting up a campsite were all highlights today. Thank you parents for coming to show your support and offering a chance for your child to share the learning pockets around the pond.

Walk in step with Nature until we meet again Forest Friends:)


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