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Meet you in the forest!

It was a great morning for everyone at Harrington today! Acorns and Oaks walked together and explored together.

Small pictures of different kinds of adult animals (or mom’s as we called them) were hidden in the trees and shrubs. With a picture and name of the animal baby in hand, everyone set out to find their animal mom. Sometimes it was hard to find the animal mom because they didn’t look the same at all. Did your child struggle to find the animal mom today?  Do they remember the name(s) of their animals?

We made it to Cedar Hideaway for the first time today! It was a bit of a walk but we heard so many birds along the way. We even saw a squirrel or two. Did you point out something to your child today?

At Cedar Hideaway, we had our snack and story time. Today’s story “I was born a baby” by Meg Flemming. It was fun to learn about baby animals. Kids, cubs and chicks and more. What are some other names of baby animals?

We made our own paintbrushes and some made mud paint. Painting with mud can be an easy activity to do when you are out for a walk. Even if you don’t have paper, you can paint the trees, stumps, and rocks.

It was sad to say goodbye. We can hug or give high-fives or fist bumps to our friends; even our tree friends. Back at the parking lot, if you looked way up, you would have seen this forest friend keeping watch!

Try some painting with mud in the forest or backyard this week!

Happy Trails! 


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