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Learning to Explore!

Updated: May 6

A new program started today in Harrington.  Acorns & Oaks is a program designed to immerse children with their parents/caregiver in an active outdoor experience. Today, we focused on exploring the outdoors.

What do you need to get started?  Actually, you don’t need much more than you would already pack for any outing away from the house. What do you want to remember to pack next week?  If you have time and your child is of the right age, maybe make packing the backpack is an activity you can do together the day or night before.   Water, first aid kit, snack, raincoat, sunscreen/bug spray, binoculars or magnifying glass, small container/bag, a map of the area, flashlight.  Here’s a link to a list of items to bring on a day hike from an outdoor adventure family.

Explorers of the Wild was a perfect read aloud for Storytime today.  Songs mixed with activities will all help you and your child begin interacting with each other and nature. 

Walking outside improves balance and coordination. Most definitely there will be falls too but just keep with it. To help practice listening and gross motor skills, try "Red Tree, Green Tree" at home or on your next adventure.

Today’s extra ‘tool’ to bring along on a walk outdoors is an empty egg carton or ice cube tray.  Egg cartons can be labeled and decorated to create nature treasure hunts, as well as introduce new vocabulary to young minds.  Try introducing an egg carton treasure box at home this week!  

Happy Trails!

Dragonfly, Heron, Ladybug and Coyote


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