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More To Discover!

Butterflies and bugs live at Harrington Conservation Area and today we took a closer look. In the book, “Roxy the Butterfly”, there were several ways mentioned to help Roxy out. Discuss with your child a way to help out butterflies in your backyard? The life cycle of a butterfly is also interesting. Butterflies grow up from an egg laid on a leaf. What happens after the egg hatches?

Sometimes there are hints to knowing if butterflies or moths live in your backyard. Today we used nets and bug containers to look for and collect butterflies. Sharing and working cooperatively on a common goal or task can be hard but at the same time rewarding. Who did your child work with today? We didn’t catch any butterflies but were some of the things we caught today? Did you know buttercups attract butterflies and bugs with their reflective petals (or they look like shiny plastic in the sunshine)?

A lot of physical activity took place in and around Harrington Hall today. The monarch migration game, unstructured play, compass game and catching the deer tail. Does your child remember what “Chipmunk” played in the first round of the monarch migration game? Inside we made crafts and also taught each other new things. What did your child learn today?

Cedar Castle is a great place for some wandering time. As the Turtles continue to learn and grow together, today there were a few different ways of engagement happening. Some Turtles were building, some climbing and some exploring. Unstructured play is a way to know limitations and even push their limits as they become more familiar with themselves and with each other.

It is unbelievable to think that this is our tenth adventure together and next week is the final day for spring session! Till next week, happy hiking, walking and exploring!


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