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Rainy Day Children

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Rainy day children know all you need is that rainy day love, and at the farm there is so much of it! Time in an old stone barn with rain on the hayloft roof makes you feel safe, snug and playful. You’ll get stories of forts, safe zones, hidden horseshoes, and secret doorways. Time seemed to stretch into a twilight playzone with chirpy, happy voices everywhere. .

The animals can be entertaining. See if your child can recall the names of horses at the farm and some goofy antics they get up to during pony recess.

Crayfish Creek was wild and fast today with all the rain. Ask about our hike up Tippy Trail to Pine Haven. What happened to the old bridge? Penguin hatched a plan to get across, did this work out? What three dead animals did we see on our walk and what happened to them? Coyote found a cool nest, what did this crafty bird creator use to make it?

Old fashioned bottles discovered in an long ago dumping ground from the original homestead were an interest today. You may see one come home in a backpack today.

We created a story of the day to capture the sequence of events and help us choose some favourite experiences. Check out journals for things your child really enjoyed on the farm.

What a resilient and fun-loving group of Coyote Nature Schoolers in our first winter session. We have so many memories created together throughout this beautiful season. See you in two weeks for the beginning of spring in Harrington Heron’s!


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