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Survival of the Fittest

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

What are the strategies you use to survive? Fox walking is one way we know to slip past danger on silent feet. It was fun to get those bare feet on the ground to practice the art of moving like a vixen, stealthily looking for mice to feed her hungry pups. This is the time of year when so many animals are raising young, searching for food, finding a mate, or just trying to avoid getting eaten. Survival strategies need to be sharp!

We are tuning in to small details like toothed or smooth leaf edges, moss, tree holes and roots. With a little 'know how' and keen observer eyes we start to notice the differences and similarities in all the life that surrounds us.

(Photos by Aubrey/Wolf)

Our tree friends wait for us to visit in the forest and become a theme with Mrs Eastman. At the library we listen to stories about what makes trees so important, then build figures with branches. Check out your home booklet for more tree activities linked to the wonders of trees.

We are collecting facts about animals now familiar to us. Our group is sharing what they know from research and answering questions from curious peers. Even a coyote claw was sent around hand to hand today! Lots of curiousity shown as children begin to see themselves as researchers in the quest for new knowledge.

What if you were lost in the woods? You would need shelter! Thanks to our friend Mammoth (Michael) the engineer, we now know how to tie square (reef) and quick release knots. Check out the shelter we built together complete with a campfire. Practice makes a strong shelter:)

And it's tiring work!!!

You have to know how to make a 'bear hang' to keep your food safe from all those hungry critters!! It took a few tries but we DID IT!

Thanks to Lu (Sunflower), Tammy (Tamarack), and Michael (Mammoth) for coming out to help us along and teach us new things today. We love meeting new people who bring their own special spark to our day:))

We are keeping an eye on some raccoon kits who seem to be hanging out on their own nearby the hall. The caretaker spirit is certainly evident in this group.

See you for our last day in Harrington for the Welcome Spring program next Friday forest friends.


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