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Walk Your Edge

Comfort teaches us very little about ourselves, so we learned a LOT today. The Chickadees ventured into the windswept and soggy weather bravely for a full day outdoors. They were walking their edge! We learned that finding just the right clothing to stay warm and dry is a delicate balance. We made several changes and some discovered that we maybe needed more layers, warmer socks, or insulated boots. Look for the HAPPY person we created today in our journals and chat about all the pieces of clothing that will make us comfortable explorers at nature school.

After some time in the sand kitchen, building with loose parts, and keeping the planet safe in orbit, we headed all the way to the Backwoods Circle.

On our wander through the corn field we noticed some changes. What was different here? Did we find where the milkweed patch used to be, will it come back? Predicting what’s next is important for children as they learn to read.

Ask your child about the map we looked out, the features on it, and how we find our way using maps to get from place to place. Sometimes when we are hiking, we need to make our own shelter. Today we learned 3 knots. What are those knots, and how do we use them? 1: single overhand knot 2. Double knot 3 Square or Reef knot. Can you show these at home? Erecting a shelter using our ropes took some teamwork and trial and error. A perfect practice for building those problem-solving skills. We definitely will use these skills next week in a survival game. Camping anyone?

Back to the farm and right into the Curiousity Cabin. See what your child can tell you about this brand-new space. A HUGE thanks to Dave Black who worked on this vision with me and brought old materials to a new life in this rustic, cozy cabin. We spent our first visit here using the giant door chalkboard to discuss clothing choice,s and adding the happy outdoor person to our journal. We also heard a couple stories from Daisy today. Remember the one about the bat and Thanksgiving. Worth a chat at home to see what happened in these texts. Did one make you hungry?

Lunch around the picnic table in the arena is like a meal at a beach volleyball events centre. It’s cool to hear the pigeons flappy overhead and to leave some crumbs for Elmo to pick up later. Great, hearty lunches again! We chatted about some hot food choices for thermos when it gets colder. A surprise visit from two canines might come up at home. Who came to visit after lunch?

The hayloft is a favourite place, with loads of climbing, fort building and jumping. The perfect gym class on a farm. We all love this place and it is mentioned by most when we review the best parts of our day.

Umbrellas, oh the learning with umbrellas. How to release, point, collapse, fasten; a mini lesson in dressing and responsibility. We practiced walking with our brollies up and down the barn aisle on our English parade, then off to do a tree scavenger hunt. I loved hearing Monarch ask her mom to visit all 10 trees we know. See if your child remembers this new piece of nature literacy.

Helping muck stalls or visiting the chickens was a great way to connect with the animals here. Caring for pets is often a lesson we learn after one comes home. This work brings home the reality of what it takes to be responsible for animals.

Thanks for a great, wet, soggy Wednesday Forest Friends:)


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