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Wild Wonders

It’s time to embrace our wild. Going outside every Monday at Stoneridge is a great way for young and old to connect with Mother Earth and with each other.

Helping Mother Earth by watering the plants in the garden and learning to be gentle with the creatures found at Stoneridge and in our backyards. It is hard to pick up a tadpole and still be gentle. What is one strategy used for picking up tadpoles from the white buckets? Did you notice children trying different ways?

Thanks to Coyote for catching a green frog for everyone to see up close. What shape is the frog’s eye and ear? Remember not all frogs make a call like “ribbit, ribbit”. If you hear a banjo noise by the water, it is probably a green frog calling out? Spring peepers make a peeping noise. Early in the evening you might just hear a frog or toad, be creative and make up your own call based on what you hear.

Movements like climbing, leaping, running and walking keeps us healthy and wild. Saying ‘Red Light’ is a great way to communicate with your child while on the trail. Is there another secret word or words that you can use when exploring on the trails? Practicing different full body movements is great for flexibility too. Have you noticed improved motor skills in your child since coming to Acorns and Oaks?

Exploring in the forest and field looking for living things helps us become familiar with what lives in our world. While at Pine Haven, we created homes for our pretend animals including a dinosaur. Does your child remember what animal they had and what kinds of natural materials they used for their homes?

Rest up till next week because BIG adventures await you at Stoneridge Farm!

Thanks to Chickadee for the awesome pictures of today’s adventure.

Happy Trails!


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