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Wisdom in Walking

What does it mean to 'walk together for good'? Today, one of our stories had those words repeated throughout the book. What does it mean to learn from the land? Remember the carp in the pond today. What did we learn from the carp? We had a few guesses; maybe it's hurt, maybe mating, maybe eating. With nature it takes time for us to find and make the connections. 

Forest Friends are grateful for things like the Harrington pond, trees, grass and each other. We are especially grateful to see Tamarack back for the full day!

Even today, the weather changes all the time. How can we understand the weather outside even when we were inside? Or outside? Paying attention to what we see and hear can really make a difference to a greater understanding of the world around us.

Knowledge can also come from other people. We asked a kind fisherman a few questions about fishing. He had caught rainbow trout and suckers at the pond.  Did he say he ate them or did he release them? What was he using as a lure to catch the fish?

Forest Friends used their knowledge of animals and plants to role play a specific living thing as part of a wide game. Hissing, growling, chipping and calling without human words. Ask your child to demonstrate how they moved or 'talked' during the game. A few animals did not survive the game because they did not have enough food energy. Were any animals affected by the 'poison' in the game whether it was through food or water? 

Library crafts are certainly the best! Grey Squirrel used a unique recipe to make moldable clay to imprint with plants and seeds. Next week we’ll paint them and bring them home to hang up in a special place. It was neat to see the variety of ways we can use natural materials to make detailed prints.

The land, its features, beings, relationships and forces is the source of all life. First Nations are an example for us of how to treat the land (Aki). Ask your child to retell the Creation Legend passed down by the Anishinaabe people. What did the creator hope when the last living things, humans were created? (they would live in brotherhood and sisterhood with the land). Our barefoot gameplay put us in direct contact with the earth, it made us feel even more lively.

We chose some facilitators from our group to gather with several others to talk about all the places and things we love in Harrington and around the pond. What are some of your favourites?

We used beads to create a "Love The Land" bracelet or necklace and wrote legends so we can recall these places when we leave this place. What was the heart-shaped nut? (Black Walnut).

Bluebird returned for the last time this year to help us finish up with our spool knitting. Some cast off their handiwork, while others will bring this home to continue over the summer. Her hope is that this will be a skill the children can pick up again when they feel that creative urge. We are excited to find out what these turn in to. Sunflower made hers into a very lovely headband.

Our final sharing of the day was about what we wanted to do for our grand finale. We have a campout planned (still looking for tents) and of course this talented group hope to showcase their talents and interests. Stay tuned for things to bring along. Keep walking the good walk until next time Forest Friends.


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