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All Things Great and Small

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Discovering within a pond habitat has to mean getting wet and muddy! We learned that pond water is not clear like pool water, and is FULL of life! Small aquatic or water-based creatures sometimes evolve, sporting wings or legs and lungs. Change is everywhere!

Spotting birds dipping down to grab a fishy snack, and determining what might be beneath large splashes on the water, brings many questions. This busy meeting place for critters is sort of like the bustle of people around the work water cooler. It’s a great place to notice rich connections.

Squirrels are always busy, and we figured that hiding nuts for winter is a summer preoccupation. Ask your child about the places they stored their nuts today, and whether they were able to find them. We now know how it feels to have some competition out there for food, and realize that we need to get sneaky to survive!

Birdsong fills this place and we made a quick hand map of sounds. Learning about a few common local birds adds to our nature literacy data bank. You next family walk might become a time when your child shares new knowledge. You may notice them pointing and shouting ‘jay, jay’ like the bossy Blue Jay to tell you about a new sighting or natural discovery.

Crafting a nest with river clay, sticks, grasses and cedar leaves from the ground gives appreciation of the skill animals hone when preparing to raise their young.

We are so lucky to have local residents who are willing to share their talents. Brenda Krantz is a very active Harringtonite and artist who led us in painting colourful dandelions today. We recall from our pollinator activity yesterday that busy bees are collecting nectar and pollen from many colourful flowers in the pond park.

What did you enjoy about our morning? Sharing in chalk on our big black mat is a way we reflect on our time together. What looks like scribbling sometimes holds deeper meaning. One of our gang commented when asked about the meaning of her circular drawing. Her reply, "It’s an infinity symbol and that means I loved everything about our day”. We can’t ask for more than that!

Happy trails until tomorrow Forest Friends:)


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