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Be The Change

Updated: Jun 15

Just like all living things, you've been changing, and FAST! What have you noticed about yourself as you think back on a whole year of learning in Harrington? You've definitely grown taller and packed more nature know-how into your big brain. Maybe you feel differently about the small critters racing away from your footsteps, maybe you wonder more about water, trees, or plants and how they survive with all the people around. You probably know more about the history of Harrington, and what the grist Mill was used for. Now we send you back out into the world of summer to turn these feelings into behaviours and actions which are considerate of your impacts on Mother Earth.

Remember our final day together as a community of kids and adults. This will never again be exactly as it was. Recall our tea ceremony, led by Camilla (Regan), wishing everyone all the best for the summer. How was tea invented? Did you like the chocolate mint? In Chinese culture, tea is the first thing to offer any guest.  Thank you Camilla for being our guest today.

What about camping together. You chose some friends to camp with and set to work getting your campsite ready. You made lots of fun memories together. What were some favourites?.

I think you'd agree that this group has TALENT. It will be hard to forget Larch with his one finger clapping and then clapping louder with two hands. Lynx and his dragon that moved on it's own. Monarch and Owl who played songs. Sunflower, Hummingbird  and Daisy who sang and acted out 'Mary had a little lamb'.  Firefly who shared two independently authored amazing stories about her pets. Not to mention the acrobatics and strength of Larch, Crow, Beaver and Hawk.

We could go on....

Let's talk about our fan-fav Grey Squirrel who baked up a campfire treat right in the LIBRARY! Tamarack knows what goes best with s'mores. This may be a new trend. What do you think?

Your nature journal now has an inscription from each of us. How about you fill up some more pages about your summer experiences outdoors. Journaling is a great habit to start early. Writing something down sometimes magically brings your true feelings out. Reading it to others, keeps the memories of those feelings alive. Give it a try and let the words flow....

Check out some of the pictures Raccoon captured of our last day of spring session. Now turn them into a story for your family or friends. They will be amazed at what you do in ONE day. We certainly are!

Speaking of the wow of what we get done every week. Take a moment to talk about who makes this possible. We love our ever-caring Tamarack, she really makes sure we all feel so content in ourselves and with our learning. Raccoon is always on the prowl with those keen eyes either ahead or behind the action finding us in our split second of wonder. How does he do it? Raven and Heron are taking off on their own teaching travels, you've each taught them a lesson I know they'll use down the road. Dragonflies have ancient wisdom and can fly in any direction....doesn't this sound like our nature mentor Dragonfly. Her nature namesake is a symbol of positivity and adaptability. Wow, this just fits! We are grateful for you each week our winged friend.

I hope you've had loads of fun with us all this year. It felt like a party (fits being Hummingbird's almost birthday), a hooting celebration. We know you'll all share the joy as you head off on a new trail. Remember, BE the change you hope to see in this world and all will be well.

Class of 2023/24 - Heron Program

We are so proud of Larch in taking the lead role of Junior Nature Mentor this season.

Not Shown: Wolf & Fox

To parents...

We deeply appreciate your efforts in fostering a strong connection between your child and the natural world. Your recognition of this vital need, both now and in the future, is truly commendable. Your dedication to preparing them, listening to their stories, and embracing our vision for this place is invaluable. Thank you for consistently bringing your children with a smile and positive energy to immerse them in nature every week. I am incredibly thankful to have you as a part of this journey with us!

Yours in Nature

Coyote & The Heron Team


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