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"Between every two pines, there is a doorway to a new world" John Muir

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

It is with gratitude that we say so long to our pioneer nature school group.

Thank you for....

Being courageous explorers,

Using all your senses to create,

Being active and challenging yourself,

Sharing with new friends,

Taking pride in things you made by hand,

Adding your voice, ideas, and stories to each day,

Looking up close with such passion at the natural world,

Surprising us with your sense of fun, amazing questions and 'right on' answers,

Being awesome listeners and learners,

Having a BIG sense of FUN!

And showing you are willing to try new things together.

You are 'Wild Beings'! Remember these experiences and pull them out of your pocket once in awhile like a cherished memento of growing up.

It has been a joyful journey. So long for now Forest Friends:)

We couldn't have done this program without Kelly (Snowy Owl) who brought so much happiness and creativity to each day. A BIG thank you today to Gord (Raccoon) who shared his professional photography talents by capturing many amazing moments on the farm. We loved having Char (Mustang) lead the way in the horse barn, show her skills, and help out in every way today. It was so amazing to see our volunteers come back to say goodbye and help in the building of bug hotels, singing songs, and recalling our favourite activities for our final journal entry. We are so much stronger TOGETHER.


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