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Busy Birds!

The spring air was filled with bird sounds this morning at Harrington Hall. This was excellent because today’s theme was all about birds. Rose helped to fill the bird feeder so more birds would come. We sang while spelling the word and we chanted while spelling the word as we walked. Ask your child if they can spell the word 'bird'?

Our story today was “Have you heard the nesting bird?” by Rita Gray. This story was full of the songs that birds make. Did you know that the Catbird actually makes a sound like a cat meowing? The nesting bird does not make any noise at all. Does your child remember why the robin sat still and silent? If we can put some of the songs of birds to words, it will help us remember them better.

Birds have so many interesting parts on their bodies. Birds have feathers, two wings, two feet, two eyes and one beak. Of course, birds lay eggs in the spring so we looked for some eggs (plastic) hidden outside the hall. We then did some hiding and sharing using the eggs. Cardinal was quick to find an actual bird nest that had fallen on the ground. We put our eggs in that nest till it was overflowing. Looking more closely at that nest, we could see some of the natural materials that the bird used. Does your child remember some of those natural materials?

Mystery Forest was a great place for exploring, crawling, climbing and sliding. Crawling on the big log was fun and even slid off of it. In our world of pretend, it could be we were riding a horse or even taking a train ride. Did your child climbing trees or just walking in the forest? We found interesting shaped sticks, even one that looked like a baseball bat. We made a special stick pile in the forest so we can find them again next week. What does your child remember about the visit to Mystery Forest?

At Butterfly Hill, we had an activity to think and act like a bird. Looking all over the hill, we filled our small containers with as much nesting material as we could find. Some of us left our nest (or nest trap) behind hoping that a bird might find it. We will have to check on them next week. Even though we have ten fingers, making a nest was not easy. If you have a chance to watch a bird build a nest, what body parts does it use?

To finish our day we made some seed balls. These seed balls have native seeds in them which your child chose from Dragonfly’s collection. Next week you will get to take them home, throw them somewhere in your backyard and new flowers will grow! These flowers will be great for pollinators and for the birds! “If you hold a seed” by Elly MacKay was read by Daisy(Kim) and it was a great connection to all the seeds we held today. Does your child remember how the book ended?

Thanks to Bluebird (Betty) and Daisy (Kim) for their help today! We had so much fun learning and exploring outside today! Happy flight until next week Forest Friends:)


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