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Earth to Kids

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Happy Earth Day, a spirit we celebrate every day at Coyote Nature School. Children with loads of energy for helping our planet choose to get involved by clearing away plastic litter, making comfy bird nests with sunflower treats, planting seeds to tend until garden time, and taking in the beauty of the forest.

Beans, flowers, tomatoes, sun, soil, water, and a watchful caretaker!

Sometimes you just need to roll down a grassy hill in the warm sunshine. It's great to be outside!

Even our wonderful helper Trumpeter Swan enjoyed making a race out of our hill roll.

A special part of our day was taking on nature names of the plants and animals we will be getting to know over the next couple months. When we learn about these living things, roleplay their habits and movements, we connect to them in deeper ways.

Opossum is certainly fun to mimic as it plays dead to fool predators that it is NOT alive and delicious!

Trees are our sacred partners in the web of life. Today we used all our senses to learn about trees in this forest area, choosing one as a special friend. We will watch their buds open, leaves unfurl, branches grow or break, and animals use their bark and canopy for homes and food. Ask us about our tree friends and listen as we become caring partners with these trees as we grow together.

Once again we welcomed our community partners. Mrs. Eastman our librarian, read the story of The Lorax and brought along her ukulele to share the song, "What A Wonderful World". This was a special treat for all of us! The story of the fate of the Truffula trees being cut down to extinction, makes us want to protect our own tree friends in this very forest. Sustainable citizenship.

Our local artist and HACA member, Brenda, brought in her talent and tools to lead us in creating a beautiful painting of colourful Truffulla trees with bark like the Paper Birch. We added journal writing time as a quiet way to lock in all the new knowledge gained today and giving us a moment to reflect on how lucky we are to share this amazing planet together.

Have an interesting conversation with these questions...

*why plastic garbage is a problem for animals?

*what do trees feel and smell like?

*how do birds build a nest?

*what seeds can we plant to add to a garden?

*what did the Lorax mean by the message he left on the rock "UNLESS"?

We think about the 'unless' of our lives and know this generation is left to take these next critical steps in protecting Mother Earth.


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