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Finger Lickin Good!

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Spring has been an amazing season for us to explore and learn in Harrington. We got a taste of the Kohlrabi and turnips we planted. Spicy, earthy, yummy, were some descriptions. You may find some veggies in backpacks tonight as many wanted to take the harvest home.

Bugs were on our minds today. See how many bugs your child can recall from our 'bug hunt' this morning. Using field guides and posters is a great way to see bugs up close and find out more about where they might be hiding and their special features. (Milkweed bug, Spittle bug, Sow bug, centipede, millipede - were just a few)

Thanks so much to Debra from the Garden In Harrington who brought some aphids and Painted Lady caterpillars for us to add to our exploration of bugs. We were also excited to see Debra's beautiful flowers and use them along with garden pansies and wild buttercups to make thank you cards by pounding flowers on to paper. We were following the ancient Japanese technique of hammering flowers on cloth to make beautiful designs. We were proud to use this art to show gratitude for all the people who have come and shared their talents with us at nature school.

Debra runs amazing programs for children and families at The Garden in Harrington which you can check out at

Of course our day wouldn't be complete without a visit to see Mrs. Eastman at the library. She shared a wonderful book about a search for 'tree babies' in a forest with lots of human dangers. We also made a fun frog that eats bugs and tried our skill at catching them. Mrs. Eastman has so many creative ideas to share with us!

We are saying so long to some special tree friends (for this season at least). Many warm memories have been created in Mystery Forest with our amazing old Grandmother Maple at the centre of the action. It seemed right to plant a Maple sapling nearby in her caring embrace. Our little "Leafy" was planted with kind hands and wishes to 'grow strong and healthy'.

The day just couldn't get better....or could it. A visit from our local artist Brenda Krantz brought flowers to us in a new way. Hang on to those toilet paper rolls, they can make fancy flowers. Ask your child what flowers they created and how they did it!

We just had to make a treat called "worms and dirt" to celebrate all things BUGS!

Our time in Harrington this spring has come to an end. We have been discovering this new space, watching the living world around the pond recreate itself in wonderous ways. Adding a map of the now familiar places in our nature journals was a great way to share our memories. We will be back to visit again when the next season brings new tales of life in this unique area. We can't wait!

Thanks so much to Blue Jay (Alana) for coming out to help us today. Our group has been asking about getting her back as we enjoy having her so much!

See you next week at the farm Forest Friends:)


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