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Fun on the Farm

It was meet and greet day at Stoneridge! We welcomed our first group of the summer to the farm and all the animals came out to say hello:)

The scavenger hunt led us through the winding trails along the creek. A stop to look for water critters led to many discoveries of crayfish big and small, water striders, and minnows. Many snails were helped over the trail to the safety of the tall grass. We even solved the mystery words by collecting letters to spell, LOVE NATURE!

Reading the book 'Wild Beings' reminds that us we are naturally curious, love to explore, and run free with wide eyes and open minds. A nice theme for our first day together.

Rest, relaxation and a little soccer is a fun way to top it off.

Exploring the garden was a real hit, especially when cucumbers are ready to pick and peas taste so delicious.

Talk to your child about their favourite activities and what they are looking forward to for next time. Happy trails until tomorrow Forest Friends:)


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