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It's time to get outside!

The fall session of Acorns and Oaks began today at Stoneridge Farm. Nature Mentors Denise and Gail were happy to welcome eight little “acorns” (toddlers) and their “oaks” (caregivers) to learn how to connect with nature and make some new friends.

Beginning an outdoor adventure can be full of surprises for both you and your child. Being prepared is one way to make your time outside enjoyable. Check the weather forecast before going out. Also going out with friends or in a group makes for great memories. Did you or your toddler make a connection with someone in our group?

Another way to be prepared is to pack a backpack. Many “acorns” came with their own little backpack of things. What thing(s) did your toddler find in the forest as part of the scavenger hunt? Perhaps you want to add a few things to your backpack for next week?

Storytime in the forest with a snack is magical and fun. Today Denise read a book called “Quick as a Cricket”. Lots of our ‘acorns’ agreed they were quick like a cricket or strong like an ox.

Does your child remember the Tippie Trail? Some paper oak leaves of different colours were hidden along the trail. Soon the leaves of the tall oak tree will start changing colour.

We look forward to exploring with the “acorns” and “oaks” and seeing the changes along the trails at Stoneridge Farm.


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