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Just hopping around!

The Acorns were hopping around Harrington Pond today. They used their hands and feet to jump up and down like frogs

As a group, we called out to the frogs by learning some frog language. What are some of the words we learned?  What type of frog has a loud, high pitched call?  What type of frog has a low, deep call?  What type of frog did we hear and see today? The Toronto Zoo or Ontario Nature both have great frog resources to use to help with identification of the different frogs found in Ontario. Since early April, we have seen a Wood Frog and a Leopard Frog.

Looking for frogs and toads in the pond was hard but we caught lots of bugs.  We thought we would see a Toad in Cedar Hideaway but not today.

Having snacks, hearing a story and singing songs are all things you do inside but going outside is way more fun! Happy Trails till next week! Dragonfly and Ladybug


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