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Let's Celebrate Mother Earth

What a wonderful day! We are so proud of everyone for persevering in this surprising April weather. Yes, it snowed today and we had a lot of fun at the Turtles Program. Our day had a special word which is four letters long and begins with T. Does your child remember this word? Ask if they can spell it for you.

We were learning in the forest, yes we were! We explored two new places today: Mystery Forest and Butterfly Hill. In the morning, we went to Mystery Forest. Since the theme today was celebrating Earth Day, Mystery Forest was the best place to explore because of all the trees. Walking on the ‘feet’ of some trees was hard because the roots make the ground bumpy and uneven. We were brave enough to crawl on the big log that we called ‘holey log’ because of all the holes in it. Sitting on tree ‘thrones’ felt like becoming a king or queen. We went into ‘two at a time fort’ and ‘green tent’ to play. Cardinal and Killdeer (Mira and Lucas) found a two person walking stick and walked around side by side. They left it in the forest for the next time they visit.

It was funny to see a circle of logs in the forest. At the log circle, we sat on logs. We saw and touched some things from the mystery box. Ask your child what item or object they held and if it was made from a tree? It’s interesting to think about what things are made out of and what happens to them after we finish using them. Things made from trees can start to break down and become dirt after a while but plastic and metal won’t. Does your child remember some of the other items made from a tree?

At Butterfly Hill, we did not see any butterflies. We set up our Mud Kitchen at Butterfly Hill near the Fallen Birch tree. Our restaurant menu included a ‘Strawberry Cake’, ‘Comb Muffins’, ‘Pumpkin Stew’ and Mira’s muffins. We found our special ingredients to make our dishes from nature. After celebrating, everyone had a job cleaning up. Thanks to Daisy (Kim) for being our Head Cook in the kitchen.

The large rocks around the field were fun to sit on, jump off, touch and look at. Someone found a fossil in the rock and someone found a worm wiggling around. Ask your child what they liked best while at the rocks?

The tree we coloured at the end of the day started with outlining our hand print on paper. There were so many creative ways the trees were coloured. Some even included birds, nests and clouds in their picture.

Thanks to Bluebird (Betty) and Daisy (Kim) for their help today! We had so much fun learning and exploring outside today. Happy Earth Day!


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