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Here we go!

Great teams can make amazing things happen! We are so lucky to have such a strong team spirit preparing Coyote Nature School to launch it’s very first session. We have been around The Mill Pond trail with our friend and mentor Harry from Harrington and Area Community Association who shared the area history, and added insights into the plants and trees we will come to know as friends.

Planning is joyful work for Kendra (Coyote), walking through ideas along the trail, envisioning where the happy footsteps of the children will lead at nature school tomorrow. A previous Forest School student in Kendra’s class, Ella (Fawn) is joining us for our first day, sharing her enthusiasm for learning outdoors.

Kelly (Snowy Owl) continues to be a big part of getting the message out, connecting people, getting materials and generally bringing nature school together so beautifully. Friends, neighbours, volunteers and colleagues are essential ingredients in the recipe for loads of outdoor fun and learning at Coyote Nature School.

We can’t wait to greet our first forest friends on Monday, March 14!


Have a great first day!

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